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Aug 02 2016

Vipeak Reinforced PFT Impact Crusher Successfully Enter the Northwest Region

Vipeak Heavy Industry has been committed to the research and development of new products. Vipeaks Reinforced PFT Impact Crusher is the latest generation of prod...

Jul 22 2016

Vipeak Leads the Mill Industry and Supports Power Plant Desulfurization

Thermal power has always been the main power in the electricity in China, and its power generation amount accounts for over 70% of the total national power. At t...

Jul 20 2016

Vipeak Supports the Development of Coating Industry

The American market research organization Freedonia group released analysis report a few days ago to predict that the global demand for coating will grow at an a...

Jun 02 2016

YCVXO-Q4-YHR realizes another beautiful transformation of V-type mill

Vipeaks powder making equipments have been doing well in supporting desulfurization in power plant. Vipeak with its rich market experience and excellent product ...

May 04 2016

Vipeak Mills Supports The World's Top Power Generating Equipments

With the successful completion of 168 hours full load test run, a formal grid, Laiwu Thermal Power Plant Unit VI of Huaneng Group,the first million-kilowatt sup...

Apr 29 2016

Vipeak sticks to the quality and credibility

Mining machinery manufacturing industry is one of the pillar industries of the national economy, and is also the foundation of national independent industrial sy...

Mar 07 2016

Vipeak SQLM1900-Q2 Mill Leads Feldspar Mill Industry

Potassium feldspar (KAlSi3O8), also called orthoclase, is monoclinic, usually with flesh red, white, or grey color. Its theoretical composition is SiO2 64.7% Al2...

Feb 29 2016

Closing Down Backward Production Facilities Completed

On December 18, 2015, Feng Fei,the vice minister of MIIT told the reporter, phased progress of closing down backward production facilities in key industries such...

Jan 27 2016

Vipeak Assists Jakarta to Bandung High-Speed Railway

According to Xinhua News Agency, Jakarta, January 21, Chinese President Xi Jinping send the Letter of congratulation to the Indonesian president Djoko, congratu...

Jan 07 2016

Vipeak Cooperates With Wuhan Steel Group

Our country is a big coal-producing country and coal is the basic fuel for electric power production. With the development of the national economy and power indu...

Jan 07 2016

Strive to be the Database in Mining Industry

Vipeak Heavy Industry Explore Internet +Big Data+ Artificial Intelligence-Strive to be the Database in Mining Machinery Industry With the opening of the industr...

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